From the recording Thunder Train

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On the misty fields
The wilderness comes to life.
The bluebirds sing to the grasshoppers
On this damp autumn evening
Outside these ivory castle walls.

Curtains close, candles die.
I fold into the castle that’s mine.
Forever within myself,
I swim despairingly—
Inside these ivory castle walls.

Near the wild of the field she waits
For these ivory castle walls to come down.

Cold-hearted beast
Roams those misty fields.
She’s not afraid to wander
In the flesh of spring!
—Outside these ivory castle walls.

What is sacred is where I can’t go,
By the flowers in the highest field.
Her mind glides,
—in a current of air
Beyond these ivory castle walls.


I imagine her freedom.
I pray hard for my thoughts of love.
This year, she’ll lie in the misty fields.
And maybe, together, we will hear the castle walls come down.