1. Kobra King

From the recording Thunder Train

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He’s caught you in his arms
You’re warming up his soul
Clenching your hands
Your breath takes him home
Scent of cinnamon swirling
Swirling in the air
You’re one more Kobra love affair.
He thinks you’re fool, but you’re a wonderful thing,
You’re hangin’ round with the Kobra King.

He’s got big greasy hands;
He says it don’t matter,
Kobra hands you the drinks
You climb the ladder
Don’t get so sweet on him—
He can’t be sweet on you,
Temptation is the devil
Don’t give the devil his due.
Thought your were a fool, you’re a wonderful thing,
You’re living big with the Kobra King

You let him call the shots
Baby that ain’t wise;
Pays the bills
He says he loves all his wives
Don’t get him going
Honey please don’t try;
He’s gonna dump you
And leave you on the fly
Though you’re a fool, you’re a wonderful thing,
Can you walk away from the Kobra King?