From the recording Thunder Train

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Laughing under the crescent moon,
Mr. Paint will be here soon.
He can’t wait to get to you,
Mr. Paint’s got business to do.

Come all ye children,
Sons and daughters of men,
Swing on forward; swing back again.
Let’s begin the best time of your life:
It’s Louie Haryll’s party tonight.

Now Mr. Paint he comes flying in black,
Bats with baby faces flapping at his back;
Mr. Paint sees what you’ve done;
He’s got the sins counted, every one.


Josh the Eskimo will be there, too;
He knows just what you didn’t do.
Josh is a spook on his own mission—
Crying out ‘bout the sins of omission.


Step out of the party, step into the light:
Tell Josh and Paint, you’re through for the night.
Tell Louie Haryll that you’re going home.
Tell his spooks they better leave you alone.