1. Swampy Blues

From the recording Thunder Train

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The roosters are loose;
Chewing sunflowers in the field.
Got your motorcycle juiced,
Black thug boots astride the wheel.
No time left to lose. You gave me the swampy blues.

Slip a tooth on a chain,
You wrap it around your neck.
You’re a chief of the plains
On your highway trek.
No time left to lose: still I got the swampy blues.

You dig gamblin’ in the back of bars
Eating lobster near the bay.
You dig Smoking Cuban cigars
And getting drunk in the heat of the day.
No time left to lose. Will I always have the swampy blues?

I’ll keep on fighting through
While you roll and hum, down the avenue.
Oh let me crawl away from all that’s you.
No time left to lose. Oh to be rid of the swampy blues.

Been bitten by a copperhead,
Never seen a great white shark.
To a balcony in New Orleans, I said.
To Barcelona, I should embark.
No time left to lose. Cheer the end of swampy blues.