1. Golden Girls

From the recording Runaway Child


Put a rose in your hair at the disco,
Party hard in San Francisco.
Think you’re lookin’ like a movie star?
Anybody know who you really are?
Diamond rings on your fingers,
Ever had a love that lingers?
Journey to China, Brazil, Hong Kong,
On a cruise ship that rocks you all night long

We’re watching you for danger,
You can’t hypnotize us with your spells;
You think we’re foolish strangers:
That won’t work out so well.
You’re trapped in a mirror world;
We got no time for golden girls.

With your high-heels like rockets;
And skin that never ages;
And blonde hair that shines on all the stages;
With your magazine eyes;
And your bag of self-pity;
Think you’ll always be young and pretty?


Trying to step in the window of fame,
Silicone heart and an angel’s name,
When you meet a guy with love in his eyes
You burn him down with your little-girl lies.
Attention and glamour, you say you want it all:
You’re gonna be a busted down party doll.