From the recording Runaway Child


Oooh, ooh, She’s taking her time
Ooh, ooh, She’s taking her time
She says, “You can take yours and I’ll take mine.”

She was handsome and rare; people found her striking.
When she went somewhere, she preferred hitchhiking.
Her father was a cook, her mother worked for a man,
They said, “Darling girl, stay still if you can.”


Always searching for the next hit of bliss
She can’t sit down, there’s too much to miss
Dad got her a job; Mom sent her to school;
She said, “Gotta go, I’m no kinda fool.”


She doesn’t need bourbon to run full speed
Adventure is all that she ever needs.
Likes to laugh, sometimes she’s gotta cry
At all the beauty, under the great big sky.

Some people want money; some people want love;
She wants to see what’s below and above.
She’s a ramblin’ girl, never settles down,
Always gotta check what’s on the edge of town.