1. I Will Be Told

From the recording Runaway Child


Shall I settle down, find a new place to stay?
Should I take off my shoes, relax by the fireplace?
Shall I sip green tea in the winter? sleep half the day?
Can I live the good life in the old fashioned way?

I Will Be Told
I Will Be Told

Shall I flip a coin with every season?
Looking for rhymes; looking for reasons.
Can I fly way high where the snow birds sing?
Rid myself of evil bells that ring.


Shall I ask her once again:
Can you light me up so I can feel free?
And shall I ask her once again:
Can I feel your heart, singing close to me?


Was I born to sing with the sun sinking low?
Watch the dolphins dive in the sea near the coast
Hear the sounds of my childhood whisper and roar
And build myself a world different than before