From the recording Runaway Child


When I am loose and start to bend.
Fate pulls me through dark tunnels.
If only I had a friend,
To soften all my troubles.

My mind moves to a strange place
Armies of hungry scorpions invade
You come to me with a pretty face
And my worries begin to fade

Precious love, Precious love
keeps me rolling
Precious love, soars above
keeps me rolling

Vicious horsemen of anxiety
Stampede like thunder in my head
They try to steal tranquility
But you fight them off until they’re dead

As the sunlight falls on your wings
And a gold-lined scarf drapes on your knees
Your voice carries me to a warm spring
To lands far and free


You give me all that’s special
A companion day and night
keep me rolling on; keep cruelty out of sight.

Can I give you something special?
Protect you when silver bullets fly in the wind
Our fingers touch, when they must
That’s the way it’s always been